Dear friends, not really, although it is necessary to mention that compared to its predecessors, the eighth installment shall witness changes in several key areas. Let’s run through it:

I) Dramaturgy, that is, more foreign bands

Fear not, the hefty load of Czech metal will not be absent, but at the same time, we would like to introduce you to interesting and/or unusual acts active on the global metal scene. The first confirmed bands shall be announced in early December, and we hope you will like our selection, which will once again be diverse style-wise. For now, we shall not even hint.

II) Supplementary activities, that is, more stuff for you to do

Since we want you to enjoy your stay with us, we are expanding the supplementary activities and festival facilities. How?

  • Festival daycare – as a family friendly festival, we shall offer you the option to involve your children in an entertaining program of their own, supervised by our qualified staff, so that even our youngest visitors have pleasant memories of the festival.
  • Festival cinema – since the music production shall once again end relatively early (usually around midnight), we offer you, as one of the answers to the “what then” question, a screening each evening (what shall be screened we yet know not, but rumor has it, it is suppose to be unconventional and possibly scandalous) in the Gorgan Brothers Cinematograph, which will begin right on stage, when the music shows of each day are done.

  • Activities just for fun, and to pass the time – should you wish to take break from all that noise on stage and were looking for something else to do, how about trying out the dart shooting range or compete in hammering down nails?
  • Festival campfire – since friendly and easygoing atmosphere traditionally reigns over our festival, we would like to underscore that with a true campfire right on the main grounds. Roasting sausages is of course possible.

III) Festival catering, that is, music maybe comes through the stomach

Let’s face it, festival food at times leaves much to be desired. Next year we shall thus endeavor to make your taste buds also enjoy themselves. The golden ale from the partner brewery Primátor is a matter of course.


On a related matter, there is one other change – the festival currency. Yes, it is here after all. As a first, on the eighth installment, food and drinks shall be purchased using not regular money, but special currency that each visitor will exchange upon entering the venue. That said, we shall do our best, including prices set-up, so that this arrangement is as little a hassle for you as possible.

Nothing terrible, is it? Otherwise, all is as was before – three days, 34 bands, same crime scene.

Your summer vacation with a heavier soundtrack awaits. Get your tickets now, for the festival presale of the first emission for 22 Euro is now up on MetalGate e-shop and in Tortharry shop!


By the way, we almost forgot. Welcome to the new website of MetalGate Czech Death Fest. Right here you will get all the latest news and information from the festival proceedings. Additionally, we recommend also following the festival FB page and YouTube channel.

So see you in summer by Lake Brodský!


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