Dear friends, before you fully delve into the X-Mas festivities, we bring you another five confirmed bands! This time, we are returning to the Czechoslovak scene, as well as to the retrospective vibe, since each band played on our/your Czech metal feast at one point or another in the past (but at the same time there is for each a very good reason for another run).

So, get ready for:

F.O.B. (cz)

Tábor-based death-metalcore squad, established in 1995. Last we saw F.O.B. joining the fray of MGCDF, was in 2015, when they presented their current sixth full-length “and the foes have become our masters”. Its promotion occupied the band for the most part of 2016, though there was time to celebrate their 20th anniversary, as well as to organize yet another installment of the popular club festival Žižkův vraždící palcát. This February, the band released a new music video for the song “Adult Toys” from the aforementioned piece, and continued its streak of gigs, be it as part of tours or standalone shows. And since F.O.B. are among the long-standing bands of MetalGate Records, wherein not only “and the foes have become our masters”, but also both predecessors (“Reap what you sow” and “Tomorrow’s Fires”) were released, they cannot be absent on MGCDF 2018, where we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of this label. So, all report to the moshpit for a deathcore mayhem!


This industrial thrash-death metal project, the founder of which is the multi-instrumentalist Dan Friml, returns to MGCDF after three years, having its premier appearance on the seventh installment in 2015. Back then, MEAN MESSIAH brought along their debut “Hell”, which was released in 2013, yet its first contours took shape already in winter 2005. Though the band started playing live no sooner than April 2014, they quickly found a way to the major Czech festivals, so besides MGCDF, MEAN MESSIAH also performed on Masters of Rock or Basinfirefest, as well as appeared on the Slovak festival Gothoom. Last year, their discography saw the addition of the EP “Let Us Pray”, followed this year by the second release of the debut “Hell”. Drawing near is however also their second full-length, so it is possible that the return of MEAN MESSIAH to our festival will be in the vein of their new music. Get ready!


Revisiting 2015 for the third time, for MGCDF vol.7 was also the last previous appearance of another comeback from under MetalGate Records – the band of death-acid gibbons KEEP ON ROTTING, whom we know since 2012, when this pack won the third installment of the bands contest MetalGate Massacre. Although their discography so far contains only the EP “The Beginning” and the debut “Unforeseen Consequences”, there is plenty of live shows behind their belt, including a triple appearance on Brutal Assault. Until recently it seemed that the gibbons are somewhat hibernating, but them supporting the Dutch avant-garde post-death metal pioneers Ulsect this October showcased that KEEP ON ROTTING are back alive and kicking. Apropos, it is another act (along with Diligence and The Corona Lantern) that features Daniela “Dahlien” Neumanová as the vocalist. It is about time to bring this gang back, for they are worth it!


If you among those who remember the fourth installment of MGCDF, this death metal squad from Slovakia, established in 2001, will surely sound familiar. To the rest, let us inform you that it was initially a HC act that however in 2004 changed course into death metal waters, where it stayed since. The first album to present their new musical direction was the 2007 split “Respect – Ignorance – Provocation” with Sepsis, followed five years later by the first full-length “Cut-Throat from the World of Obsession”, with which SUBURBAN TERRORIST appeared on MGCDF. In 2014, the band performed on Brutal Assault, hence the switch to death metal was evidently the right move to make. SUBURBAN TERRORIST plan to release their new album “Inhuman Breed” early next year, which presents the ideal opportunity to invite them back to MGCDF to hear their new songs live. Do not miss it!


It was 2011, when this band last appeared on our festival. Back then, ELYSIUM already had behind their belt plenty of live shows, three studio albums, and several installments of their own festival Týnecký mazec. Their appearance on MGCDF revolved around their then current album “Nine ways to leave” and was in vein of technical metal. In 2014 however, after several changes in line-up, ELYSIUM shifted significantly music-wise, moving to the border of thrash and death metal, with the added ingredient of core elements. The first piece to present this new form was the 2016 EP “Chapter I: Beginning Of The End”, which is to be followed by a new studio album, planned for the first half of 2018. If you thus want to experience the new face of ELYSIUM live, witness their return to MGCDF!



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