Dear friends, we are back, bringing you another batch of confirmed bands! In this one you will find two foreign guests and two local hordes from the ranks of death and black metal of the unorthodox kind. And so that our anniversary roster is not only retrospective, let us add that three of these acts have not yet previously performed on MGCDF.

So, get ready for:


If you are close to the Polish metal scene, you may have heard the names The No-Mads, Przemysław Latacz or PLANET HELL. In case not, then know these three are interconnected. The No-Mads was an acclaimed thrash metal squad, active mainly on the onset of the millennium, and when it went into hiatus in 2013, its two members, the guitarist and leader Przemysław Latacz and bassist Józef Brodziński, became a year later the founders of precisely the progressive death metal act PLANET HELL. Initially it was thus a two-member studio project, however in 2015, its line-up expanded to the current quartet, whereby PLANET HELL began to play live. The following year saw the release of their debut “Mission One”, which music-wise offered an interesting mix of classic death, thrash and black metal, spiced with industrial, and lyrics-wise draw inspiration from the works of the famous Polish sci-fi novelist, futurist and philosopher Stanisław Lem. Thus, if you are into the unorthodox shades of death metal, you should not miss the premier appearance of PLANET HELL on MGCDF!


Another premier appearance, the music of which can be described as war on the dancefloor, for this French horde, established in 2009, likes to combine extreme metal with electronic beats and the 80s New Wave vibe. PAVILLON ROUGE rose to attention in 2011 with their debut “Solmeth Pervitine”, which combined the tools of industrial black metal with ethereal synths and euphoric melodies. Its successor “Legio Axis Ka”, released in 2015, went even further, synthesizing epic black metal with hardcore techno. The latest effort is the third full-length “Dynasteïa Klub”, an electronic metal opera that builds on motifs of Ancient Greek philosophy, and since it was released this year, it is a no-brainer as to what will feature most prominently in the setlist of their performance on MGCDF 2018. Onward to the moshpit then – the black discotheque awaits!


If you visited the sixth installment of our/your Czech metal feast, you will surely remember the Czech melodic black metal horde DESIRE FOR SORROW, which we welcomed back in 2014 as the winner of the fifth installment of bands contents MetalGate Massacre. Back then, the band brought with them their fresh debut “At Dawn Of Abysmal Ruination”, released under Pařát Magazine, and marched forward ever since. In the following year, DESIRE FOR SORROW embarked on their first European tour, as well as supported Rotting Christ on Hellenic Darkness 2015. In 2016, they followed up with a Mexican tour, and joined the ranks of MetalGate Records, releasing under it first their EP “The Rotten Brood” as part of a split album with Awrizis and then their second full-length “Visions” last year, which they will promote on MGCDF 2018. Do not miss out!


Czech brutal death metal/slam band established in 2014 by former members of Driven By Devils and Godless Truth. Despite several line-up changes, CRYSTALEPSY managed to assemble an impressive record of live shows, not only on home soil, but also abroad, e.g. in Poland, Romania or Germany, supporting such acts as Belphegor, Nervosa or Infest. Last year, the band released its debut “Abysm of mutated viscera devourers”, which is to be followed this year by a split containing four new blasts. Recommended for all true death metal fans!


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