Dear friends, another batch of bands confirmed for the anniversary 2018 installment has arrived! This time we shall remain on the Czech scene and present a diverse quartet that includes both modern and traditional metal.

So, get ready for:


Although it is but two years since the premier appearance on MGCDF of this technical space core combo, established in 2014, their performance was so intense that a rerun was only a matter of time. And that came now. LIQUID SPACE 9 have certainly not been idle in the meantime, continuing their live shows onslaught, whereby appearing alongside The Dali Thundering Concept, The Walking Dead Orchestra or Traitors to name a few. Last January, the band also unleashed its new EP, so all the more reason to invite them back. Be there (especially if you missed their show two years ago)!


Although the electronic metal is a minority style, and electronic black metal even more so, on the Czech scene, compared to the other sub-genres, even there you can find fresh blood so to speak, which is precisely the case of PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY. Playing EBM combined with crust, this band was formed in 2014, while releasing their opening demo “Cyber Trash”. A line-up change in the following year not only brought a harder sound to their music, but also energized their live show ambitions, which brought PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY even to such unusual events as the Czech post-apo festival Junktown, or to the Austrian Schattenwelt. On the club shows, they appeared for example alongside the cybergrinders M.A.C. of MAD, and this summer they will join as support of their, music-wise, colleagues Gorgonea Prima. Last year, PLAGUE CALLED HUMANITY released their debut EP “Disconnection”, so it is clear what their show on MGCDF 2018 will be mainly about. So, come and see!


Given that on MGCDF we do not ignore the core scene, we shall welcome on the 2018 anniversary installment this oldschool metal/core squad, which emerged in 2009 from the fragments of bands Alone in the Silence and The Chemtrail. In their birth year, MADE BY ZERO unleashed their debut EP “Never Back Down”, as well as started with live shows. Another expansion of their discography came in 2015 with the second EP “Illusion Of Who We Are”, followed last year with two new singles, hopefully as a promise of another larger piece. So, if you like solid breakdowns, sharp riffs and an intense live show, you should not miss the appearance of MADE BY ZERO!


Representing the Czech metal underground, ANIMAL HATE first came to light in 2003 with their first effort “Fatal Error”, followed in two-year intervals by more full-lengths “Bells of Acheron” and “…A Witch Shall Be Born”. Their so far latest release is a three-song promo from 2015. The band also plays live a lot, especially on the Czech club scene. There is however no reason for concern as to how they will handle our festival stage. Either way, be sure to support them!


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