Dear friends, a practical announcement in which we would like to present to you the pastimes of the 10th anniversary installment, that is, activities you can partake in to fill an idle moment, take a break from the intense music production, as well as win some nice prize in case of some. And since you seemed to had enjoyed these last year, we will not shy away from them on the current installment :-)

There will be plenty of pastimes available, some returning, some making their premier. So, what do we have in store for you?

First, two new ones - oversized foosball and aquathlon. The former is moreless the table soccer you know from clubs and pubs, but enlarged to such an extent that actual people replace the figurines as players. The latter is in essence a summer variant of biathlon, meaning that it involves running and target shooting, but with a different equipment

Second, you can look forward to the comeback of some pastimes we introduced last installment. Returning are the keg throw, timed drinking of a bottle of beer, and speed drumming. Same as last time, there are valuable prizes to be won in these, as well as in the aquathlon, so all the more reason to participate.

Third, there will also be the pastime classics, i.e. the nailing game, the dart shooting gallery, the festival campfire and the Gorgan Brothers Amazing Cinematograph.

For detailed info about the pastimes, please visit here!