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DISAVOWED are another representative of the Dutch death metal scene. Formed in 2000, the band aims for brutal, yet well-structured, technical and catchy music. Such vision was presented already on the first demo “Point of Few”, which lead to the band signing a deal with the U.S. label Unique Leader Records. In 2001 came the debut full-length “Perceptive Deception”, followed by five weeks of touring in North America in 2002, as well as by a European tour a year later that lasted four weeks. Afterwards, things got complicated due to health problems of the drummer Robbert Vrijenhoek that ultimately necessitated him being replaced by Romain Goulon in 2006. In 2007, a new album, “Stagnated Existence” was released, showing how much the band technically progressed. Similar leap forward is expected from the upcoming third full-length, on which DISAVOWED will surely once again deliver their colorful, catchy, yet brutal and aggressive take on death metal, taking us again to all the various recesses of the human psyche.